Introducing PyEverywhere

What could be better than Py? PyEverywhere!

PyEverywhere is a cross-platform toolkit for creating GUI apps for desktops and mobile devices, using HTML/CSS/JS for the UI to simplify cross-platform UI development. Currently the platforms PyEverywhere apps can run on are:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Mac
  • Windows

PyEverywhere works by creating a small bridge layer between Python and a web UI that allows for message passing between the two layers. The UI can be built using your favorite JavaScript frameworks, or even using pure JS code. Only jQuery and the nativebridge.js module are required by PyEverywhere. Since it supports both desktop and mobile environments, you can develop and do initial testing quickly via your desktop, and then deploy to Android and iOS for testing once the core functionality is working.

Project Goals

  • Make Python a go-to choice for both mobile and desktop application development
  • Make cross-platform development as simple and painless as possible
  • Provide a simple, and easy-to-use, framework that gets out of the developer’s way and lets them develop apps using the tools they prefer
  • Give developers a head-start on adopting Python best practices by including a unit and functional / integration test suite along with Sphinx documentation in the project template