Getting Started


  • Python 2.7 (.9 or greater recommended)
  • Cython 0.20 (for android support)
  • wxPython 3.0.x (for Mac support)
  • git

Installation (Release)

Coming soon!

Installation (Development)

# Note that virtualenv is not currently supported, so these steps will not work from inside one
git clone
cd pyeverywhere
python develop
pip install -r deps/common_deps.txt
pip install -r deps/mac_deps.txt

Creating and Running a New Project

pew create "My New Project"
cd "MyNewProject"
pew run mac
pew test mac
pew build mac # double-click the "dist/mac/My New" file to run 
pew init ios
pew build ios # you have to run the app from the Xcode project for now
pew init android 
# answer y to any license agreement prompts presented by the Android SDK 
pew build android
pew run android # use CTRL-C to close the android log stream

Next Steps

See the docs and the created application code for more details.